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               EDI CLEARINGHOUSE

Looking for flexible, comprehensive and independent EDI clearinghouse solutions.

Feel confident with PHIcure’s multiple options.  We offer your choice of a full EDI connectivity suite with unlimited payer transactions like EDIQTM Clearinghouse , or a more advanced communications engine with EDIQTM Direct Connect.

Our EDI clearinghouse solutions reach across providers, billing services, hospitals, PMS/EMR vendors, payers and patients. All from one application.

Have the confidence in knowing that our applications are not tied to any single vendor, medical provider or payer. We operate completely as a neutral entity with a focus on you.

About PHIcure

PHIcure, Inc. is a leading healthcare communications company connecting healthcare organizations to their payers, providers, and patients. Our secure cloud based solutions allow organizations to manage their revenue cycle from any web browser in any location. We connect our partners to thousands of payers throughout the US and to their patients to successfully manage every aspect of communication in the revenue cycle.

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