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Unlock your ROI potential and find out what you and your providers are missing out on.

Explore the benefits of the PHIcure Clearinghouse Partner Program:

  • Retail, Wholesale, or Hybrid Relationships
  • Co-Branded/Private Label arrangements
  • Competitive Pricing
  • High Level Customer Support and Hand Holding
  • Potential Proprietary Clearinghouse Edits
  • Specialized Marketing Programs/Materials
  • Unlimited Training Programs
  • High Level Reporting Tools
  • Onsite Planning Sessions             

If you're not getting the most out of your current Clearinghouse Partner Program, then why not give PHIcure a try.

About PHIcure

PHIcure, Inc. is a leading healthcare communications company connecting healthcare organizations to their payers, providers, and patients. Our secure cloud based solutions allow organizations to manage their revenue cycle from any web browser in any location. We connect our partners to thousands of payers throughout the US and to their patients to successfully manage every aspect of communication in the revenue cycle.

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